August 2023


How To Handle English Teaching In Kindergarten?

Being a teacher is a blessing in itself, and if you are a kindergarten school teacher, it’s a rewarding journey for the foundation of language development in kids. As an educator, it’s responsible for fostering linguistic growth in the most enjoyable manner possible. If the environment is engaging, then the learning will be more effective. In this blog post, we’ll be explaining essential strategies and methods for English teaching in kindergarten (สอน ภาษา อังกฤษ เด็ก อนุบาล, which is the term in Thai).

Creating A Language-Rich Environment

For English teaching in kindergarten, the environment must be language-rich. The language will be more absorbed when the surrounding is written and spoken in English. And make them more into the reading of good age-appropriate readings. Thus this will help in cultivating a love for reading and listening.

Play-Based Learning

Visual-pleasing plays are the cornerstone for children to learn and enjoy simultaneously. And the engagement can be enhanced more if the English lessons are cooperated into these plays. Games like “Simon-says” can help teach vocabulary, or “Hide & Seeks” can improve the prepositions. Such interactive activities make their learning enjoyable and enhance their cognitive growth.

Storytelling Sessions

Storytelling sessions are the best way to build kids’ imaginations and introduce them to new baskets of vocabulary. And if you are willing to make your story more alive, try to use puppets and props. Also, please encourage students to retell these stories in their words, which will help foster speaking skills and creativity.

Incorporating Music And Songs

Music is heart-winning for those little ones. And integrating English through catchy songs and rhymes can help them to boost their retention and pronunciation skills. Choose songs with clear diction and repetition, aiding in language acquisition.

Individualized Attention

Not all fingers are of equal size; in such a way, not every kind grasp at the same pace; every kid has their own learning pace. If possible, offer additional support to those who learn slowly, and for the advanced learners, provide them with challenging tasks accordingly to polish up their learning.

Celebrate Progress

Embrace the small victories of those little ones. Whatever the baby steps they are taking, they must be getting appreciated. This boosts their confidence and interest towards learning something new and being progressive always.


Children sometimes make mistakes and can be irritating; teaching English to these kindergarten little ones requires creativity, patience and a deep understanding of one’s state. Remember, the goal is to impart language skills and instil a lifelong love for learning and communication. As we embark on this journey with our young learners, let’s embrace the joy of watching them blossom into confident English speakers.

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Barber Shop and a Career

Barber Shop and a Career

Barbershops with good management provide numerous potential for profit. The secret to success is in preparation. There are some crucial factors that all business owners should take into account when establishing a barbershop enterprise.

Obtain a good education

People who have achieved success before working in barber shops are more likely to succeed after receiving a good education from a Barber school. In addition to the technical skills they offer, students should look for a school that teaches business skills. It imparts a wide range of abilities to enhance the vitality and profitability of your company.


A barbershop needs to be situated in a convenient location for the target market if it is to be successful. A shop catering to families might benefit from being next to a school, while barbershops targeting businesspeople might prefer to rent space in a downtown location.

Expand your offerings

Basic hair and beard-cutting have historically been the emphasis of barbershops. It may be possible to increase revenue by offering new services including facial treatments, eyebrow shaping, and shaved hairstyles. To offer more to the customer, a barber would need to have extensive knowledge of the products and tools that a Barber academy can offer.

Form alliances with vendors

Many companies that provide hair care services have benefited from expanding their product lines to include retail goods. Including hair care goods, newspapers & magazines, and high-end shaving equipment may open up additional revenue streams.

Spaces for rent

Renting out space to other barbers helps barbershop owners make more money. They can contribute to a livelier atmosphere in a barbershop by bringing in more customers. Along with receiving hair services, a barbershop’s customers may also purchase retail goods from them. Spaces for barbershops can be hired out on a short-term, long-term, or daily basis. On different days, barbers can share spaces, which can help to keep a constant flow of clients via a barbershop’s entrance.

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