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New Release: Mastering Her Fear by BJ Wane

He walked away from her once. Would keeping the full truth from him cost her a second chance?

New Release: The Siege: A Novel by Marilyn Baron

A journey of self-discovery leads to love and passion in the search for a family’s hidden past...

New Release: Ruthless by Tory Richards

He saved her from the Red Devils but there's no one to save her from him.

New Release: Destruction by Jennifer Bene

Vengeance and destruction are all he has left.

New Release: Zandian Pet by Renee Rose

Devour USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose's steamy stand-alone romance in the interconnected Zandian Masters series today! HEA guaranteed, no cheating!

New Release: To the Duke, With Love by Amelia Grey

Once destined to marry a peer, Loretta is now forced to be a recluse---until she meets the Duke of Hawksthorn---He never walks away from a challenge.

New Release: Twisted Threads by Kaylin McFarren

The only thing sweeter than a secret is revenge

New Release: Master Me, Please by BJ Wane

He gambles everything to help the one woman he should stay away from. When the truth comes out, will her feelings be strong enough to forgive him, or did he gamble everything only to lose it all in the end?

Release Blitz: Something Down There by Nancy Widrew

Congratulations to Nancy Widrew on her latest release! "Not all caves are uninhabited..."

New Release: Diamond in the Rough by Brenda Jernigan

Kathy Taylor has one hell of a personality...and she is about to unleash it all over Devon York.