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Upcoming Book TourOct 13 - Nov 2, 2018
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Oct 13 - Nov 2, 2018
Giveaway Prize

3 sets of the first two books in the series (Glossolalia and Remember to Recycle) to 3 lucky winners (ebook)

Book Overview
Encore: A Love Story of Hypnotic Abduction Book Cover
Hypnotized to believe she's his wife.

A troupe in England performs the history of a gem which features in legends of Shambhalla and Atlantis. The troupe’s hypnotist, Dune, has made them famous, especially his wife Susan, who is the star.

After the star’s disappearance before the show, her standby, Miriam, takes Susan’s place. Dune always hypnotizes the standbys to believe they are the actors they replace: the post-hypnotic suggestion ends when the final curtain lands, and they remember their identity. Before the curtain lands, Dune whisks Miriam to a castle.

Meanwhile, Miriam’s friend, Colin,...