The amazing book tour for THE PROFESSOR AND THE BIRD is over. In case you missed any post, here are the highlights as well as the links to see the post in full:

Books,Dreams,Life – Fun Facts

  1. Turks love Westerns and other old Hollywood movies; they start acting as if they were in a Western during the robbery attempt, and they discuss Gary Cooper and Steve McQueen…
    2. Nikos’ assistants Katerina and Giorgos develop their feelings for each other as well; in their case, the age difference is the other way round: Katerina is 14 years older than Giorgos!
    3. Nikos and Sally are both football fans: Nikos supports AEK Athens, and Sally supports Celtic.

Just Us Book Blog – Excerpt

“Well, our work demands a lot of discipline,” the Professor explained while he sat down next to her with his cup of tea; “we start working at dawn, because the midday heat doesn’t allow us to work out in the open. I’m working in the treasure house, that’s what I call it” he added in a slightly embarrassed way, “with yesterday’s finds, which were plenty, and I’m waiting for the youths to tell me their opinion about my first evaluations; and maybe, at the trading place, they’ll find something really old sometime…” he said enthusiastically – and Sally asked, quite puzzled: “Well – I thought that all those things were old?”

The Romance Reviews – Review (5 stars!)

Roberta Franklin did not disappoint. This was an absolutely lovely story. I enjoyed the backdrop, the mystery, the use of language to differentiate the different characters, as well as the effortless shift between points of view, which enhanced the story…this IS a romance and quite a good one…

Teatime and Books – Excerpt

“Yeah, I’ve already had a Greek passport made; I’ll take the next plane to Istanbul and then the Orient Express from there, and by the time they’ll have my photo at the border stations, I’ll already be on Greek territory – and by the time they’ll have sent it to Interpol, I’ll already be lying on the beach in Mexico.”

Lori’s Reading Corner – Guest Post

Recommended May-December Romance Reads

  • Daddy Long-Legs by Jean Webster
  • Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
  • Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
  • The Lover by Marguerite Duras
  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
  • These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer
  • Temptation by Charlotte Lamb
  • On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves

Karen Docter – Excerpt

They sat down on the couch and started kissing most passionately; and at some point, though completely wrapped up in his arms and his charms and his love, Sally remembered something. She smiled at him and whispered in his ear: “I’ve got a surprise for you!” She got up, and he looked after her, a bit puzzled, and already eager to continue their kissing game – but when she reappeared two minutes later, he was even more eager to do so: she’d taken off all her clothes, and wrapped herself up in those diaphanous cloths they’d found at the bazaar that morning… And oooh, how sexy she looked! His eyes were almost popping out of his head when he told her: “Come here, my princess!”

Random Thoughts of a Tech Nerd – Character Profile of Sally

Sally is a young woman from Ireland, a passionate motorbike rider who takes part in desert rallies. Her parents own a hotel in Westport where she works during the season, but the rest of the year she tours the world on her bike. She’s short and curvy, with red hair and blue eyes. She’s rather carefree and very bubbly, she enjoys all aspects of life, and she is a bit adventurous; she’s got it into her head to find some passionate Arab or Turk to marry.

Romancing the Books and More – Interview

[One characteristic of the hero] He is a bit muddle-headed, a sort of absent-minded professor who is totally absorbed in his world of history and archaeology; many women love a man like that.

Love between two different worlds, two different generations
Professor Nikos Angelopoulos is working with his Greek-Turkish team at a dig in Turkey when one day a young motorcyclist gets stranded: Sally from Ireland, fresh and charming and a bit flirty. Very soon the Professor finds out that, despite her temperament, she’s still very innocent and gullible, and he seems to develop fatherly feelings towards her, protecting her from the clear intentions of the young men at the camp.
Then she just happens to dig up a fragment of clay with an old Assyrian inscription in Hittite on it, and Nikos finds out that this inscription is the oldest one found so far in an Indo-European language. While celebrating their great find, Sally and Nikos discover their feelings for each other despite their age difference – but at the same time, an American millionaire turns up who wants to buy the clay fragment for his collection; and, although Nikos tells him it is a national treasure and not for sale, he won’t take no for an answer. He tries to convince Nikos to sell it to him, and when that plan fails he calls in his gunmen…
Amid their ever-growing passion for each other, Nikos and Sally now have got to face a dangerous and violent gang of artefact thieves together with their brave international team of archaeologists and workers. Who will win the showdown at Kanesh camp – and will this unusual relationship between a scientist of sixty and a young adventuress of not yet thirty stand the test of time?

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