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Upcoming Release BlitzMay 25, 2018
Upcoming Book TourMay 30 - Jun 12, 2018
Complete Pre-Order BlitzMay 15 - May 17, 2018

Book Tour Detailed Schedule

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May 30

Book Unleashed – Promo – Kick Off Post
Welcome to My DungeonExcerpt, Play List

May 31

Book Junkiez – Excerpt

June 1

Mythical Books – Excerpt

June 4

Romancing the Books and More – Character Profile

June 5

Random Thoughts from a Tech Nerd – Character Interview

June 6

June 8

Just Love Books – Review

June 9

Breaking Genre – Promo

June 11

Jazzy Book Reviews – Promo, Excerpt, Play List

June 12

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About the Book

Series Venomous Love #2

His lust could devour them.
Her love will free them both.

After being left for dead by her people, Aliena wakes up under the care of alien pirates. She escapes, only to be captured by a creature straight from her darkest nightmares, bent on the destruction of everything she holds dear.

An Eok warrior turned outlaw, Kamal is one to be reckoned with. He is on a mission for the Eok nation, and his only goal is to find and save the humans before he can return to his old life. He has no intention of allowing a headstrong human female to get in his way.

As Aliena embarks on a mission to rescue her uncle from Minister Knut’s clutches, Kamal is at a crossroads. If he chooses help the human, the price might well be his own life.

When the Mating Venom unleashes its torment, Kamal has to decide. Will he change his ways and claim Aliena’s heart, or is the life of an outlaw too hard to leave behind?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, thrilling sci-fi romance is the second in the Eok Warriors series, however it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

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His lust devours their worlds. Her love will free them both.
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