About the Book

She is a sort of must-have. Calling on her services is on a par with offering oneself a spa weekend or a cruise to Costa Rica.

Editorial Reviews


“One of the most anticipated romance books of 2019” – According to Goodreads ​

“One of the most requested romance books” – According to Netgalley

“I really loved this book! The story is original, the tone is dynamic. This book is worth the detour. ” – Mary-Jane, She Knows

“The book is very funny, entertaining and our seduction expert is the perfect lead woman!” – Serna G, Reviewer

“Witty and Charming. A fun spin on a private eye/woman who knows how to find a cheating man and isn’t afraid of conflict. A contemporary romance like non other and worth the read.” – Sarah W, Reviewer

“An interesting take on a concept bringing to light a strong woman striving for the empowerment of not only women, but also how they see themselves.” – Becky Burciaga, Reviewer