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Series Faerietales #1

Sabrina might not care for everything about herself, but she’s still used to being a human, an orphan and an everyday average American. However, her life changes forever the day she’s followed home by four unsmiling men in dark suits and sinister shades.

A crash-course in reality reveals that she’s actually a faerie princess, with a royal family in Scotland and some particularly brutal enemies hunting her down in the U.S. Fleeing the country doesn’t solve her problems though. It only adds to them.

With her new tiara to try on for size and a potential romance that seems bound to go badly before it begins, Sabrina still has to stay one wing ahead of the Human Preservation and Advancement Committee. Which has made its mission to ruin her life. Permanently.

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July 30

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July 31

Just Love Books – Fun Facts
Cali Book Reviews – Excerpt

Aug 1

Handcrafted Reviews – Promo, Excerpt
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Aug 2

Writers and Authors – Guest Post
Lori’s Reading Corner – Excerpt, Guest Post

Aug 3

Jazzy Book Reviews – Promo, Excerpt, Fun Facts

Aug 4

Just Because – Promo, Excerpt
Sassy Book Lovers – Promo, Excerpt, Fun Facts

Aug 6

My Devotional Thoughts – Promo, Excerpt

Aug 7

Aug 8

Making It Happen – Excerpt

Aug 9

Aug 10

Aug 11

Aug 13

Drops of Ink – Promo

Aug 14

Hot Choco and Books – Excerpt

Aug 15

Aug 16

Aug 17

Romancing the Books – Fun Facts

Aug 18

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