Call Your Steel

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For millennia beyond reckoning the Eaters of the Gods ruled over this sunless world, waging their secret war on each other through their Chosen, mortals granted a fraction of the Eaters in human powers in exchange for a life of servitude. Kaius counts himself among their hallowed ranks, devoted entirely to his brutal duties. Lucia is no more than a travelling minstrel, albeit one who found herself in the very worst place at the very worst time. How could mere mortals like them stand up against the vast alien power of the Eaters of the Gods?

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Oct 18

Book Unleashed – Promo – Kick Off Post
Greg Saber – Top Ten List

Oct 19

Don’t Judge, Read – Guest Post
Books,Dreams,Life – Promo, Fun Facts

Oct 20

Mythical Books – Guest Post

Oct 23

Loves Great Reads – Excerpt

Oct 24

Just Love Books – Dream Cast
Welcome to My Dungeon – Excerpt, Fun Facts

Oct 25

Deal Sharing Aunt – Promo, Top Ten List

Hot Choco and Books – Excerpt

Oct 26

Rainne’s Ramblings – Excerpt, Fun Facts

Oct 27

Jazzy Book Reviews – Promo, Excerpt, Dream Cast

Romancing the Books – Excerpt

Oct 30

Oct 31

The Romance Reviews – Interview

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