Review Campaign Services

Looking for more reviews on your book? Our Review Campaign Services help authors source, manage, monitor and obtain honest, unbiased reviews from our large pool of independent reviewers.

Review Campaign

Upon subscribing to our Review Campaign service:
  1. Invitations will be sent to our database of reviewers aligned to your book genre; this will continue until the review campaign is completed.1
  2. Your book2 will be sent to interested reviewers. Depending upon the response, this may also include professional review sites.3
  3. Book Unleashed will closely monitor and follow up with reviewers who requested to review your book.4
  4. Reviews will be sent to you as they come in.5,6 A compiled list of the reviews will also be sent once all reviews are in.

Review Campaign with 5 Reviews


Review Campaign with 8 Reviews


Additional notes:

  1. There is no deadline to sourcing for reviewers, as this is dependent on a number of factors, including the particular genre and reviewer interest.
  2. Review copies may be advanced review copies (for pre-published) or finished copies (for published books)
  3. While our invitations will include book bloggers and professional review sites, we do not guarantee a review from any specific blog or review site.
  4. Confirmed reviewers will be given ample time to review your book, typically around 4 – 6 weeks. We will closely monitor this for you.
  5. Reviewers will be required to submit their honest, unbiased review of your book. Book Unleashed does not guarantee the outcome of the review, whether positive or negative.
  6. Reviewers will also be encouraged to post the review on their blog, and on at least 2 online sites, i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc.