Graphic Design Services

eBook Cover Design

Create visually stunning covers for your book.  Our Graphics Design team will conduct extensive research about your book to ensure the cover fits the message your book wants to convey.
To view some of our sample works, click here.

What’s Included

  • One custom-designed eBook cover in 6 different cover sizes:
    • 135 x 195
    • 200 x 300
    • 300 x 450
    • 400 x 600
    • 600 x 900
    • 1600 x 2400 (Hi-resolution)
  • Choose between two different design drafts.
  • Once a design is chosen, you can have up to two rounds of revisions.
  • Up to two stock images will be used.

eBook Cover Design

  • eBook Cover in 6 pre-defined sizes

Book Graphics

In addition to the eBook cover, Book Unleashed can also design different types of graphics centered around your book.  These are ideal for supplementing your marketing and promotion initiatives.

We support the following types of graphics. All graphics will be derived from the existing book cover.
  • Banner – Standard size: 468×60 px.
  • Teaser Graphic – No standard size. Flexible sizes allowed. To view a sample of past teaser graphics, click here.
  • Box Graphic – No standard size. Flexible sizes allowed.
  • Tour Graphic – Standard size: 851×315 px. To view a sample of past tour graphics, click here.
  • Tower Graphic – Standard size: 160×600 px.
  • Leaderboard – Standard size: 728×90 px.
  • Badge/Button – No standard size. Flexible sizes allowed.
  • Facebook Page Header – Standard size: 851×315 px.
  • Twitter Page Header – Standard size: 1500×500 px.

One Book Graphic


Two Book Graphics


Three Book Graphics

If you need more than three book graphics, this can be arranged at a cost of $20 per additional graphic. Please contact for special arrangements.
* Note that if you purchase two or more graphics, they must all be for the same book.

3D Book Covers

3D Book Covers give you a three-dimensional view of your book. These can likewise be used to supplement your book marketing and promotion initiatives. It can also be displayed on the author website or social media sites.
To check out some of our sample works, click here.

One 3D Cover


Two 3D Covers


Three 3D Covers