Cover Reveal: Teenage Psychic on Campus

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Event Dates

Complete Cover RevealApr 21, 2017

Media Kit

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Apr 21 - Apr 25, 2017
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Book Overview
Teenage Psychic on Campus Book Cover
Rumors of a haunted house beckon teenage psychic Caryn and ghost whisperer Gary

Caryn Alderson may be a psychic medium, but she can’t predict her own life. She’s totally blindsided when she discovers her boyfriend has cheated on her. Her best friend Annabeth attempts to jump-start Caryn’s stalled love life by introducing her to Gary Riddell, a fellow college freshman who can talk to ghosts. To paranormal groupie Annabeth, their abilities make them the perfect match. Unfortunately, Gary’s acting career and Caryn’s love of journalism clash when Caryn writes a hatchet piece about Gary’s acting abilities, and then publishes it in the campus newspaper. Dating...

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