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Here is a review from the book Hansel and Gretel As Told by Hansel and Gretel

Book Overview
Hansel and Gretel Book Cover

Long ago in a magical realm, ten-real old Hansel and his little sister, Gretel, are abandoned in a vast forest, where they fall into the clutches of an evil witch.

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What a wonderful read!  I truly enjoyed making my way through these forty four pages.

I loved that Klaasen was willing to put this novella into words that modern day students would understand;.  Too often, I find that the books we are encouraged to read in school have antiquated language that students drudge through.  This novella would be a wonderful starting point for any student who is interested in fairy tales!  Additionally, Klaasen includes the original tale at the end of the piece.  This provides a wonderful opportunity for teachers to work on comparison/contrast text structures with their students.  That’s right, teachers, two methods for comprehension improvement are readily available in this novella!

Another wonderful assistance to students is that this book has very few errors.  Therefore, students will be able to practice their grammar skills with the sentences in this book.

While I don’t believe that this book would be suited toward my older students, I can definitely see my seventh and eighth grade classes having a ball!  If I am able to get a few more copies, I would love to use it for creative writing pieces!

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