Review #1: Hansel and Gretel As Told by Mike Klaassen

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Here is a review for the book Hansel and Gretel As Told by Mike Klaassen.

Book Overview
Hansel and Gretel Book Cover

Long ago in a magical realm, ten-real old Hansel and his little sister, Gretel, are abandoned in a vast forest, where they fall into the clutches of an evil witch.

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We all know the story of Hansel and Gretel. A famine causes two kids to but left in the woods but Hansel is smart and finds a way to get home. They are then taken further into the woods and left. The kids find a white bird then follow it to a house made of sweets. Inside is a witch that plans on fattening up the kids to eat. They trick her, cook her, and make their escape.

Mike Klaassen has re-written the story and updates it to give it a more modern feel. In his novella, the father reluctantly talks about leaving the kids in the woods. There is also a richer description to the story. It smooths the flow of the story compared to original. There is also a change as Hansel is the one that pushes the witch into the stove as opposed to Gretel.

Over all I like how Klaassen has re-written the story. It definitely adds to the well know tale. But what I liked the best was the original story was included at the end of the novella so you could compare the re-worked version.

If you like fairytales that stay true to their original version, you will love this novella. I see that Klaassen has re-written The Frog Prince and I’m very curious to see how that compares. I will definitely be adding Mike Klaassen to my future reading lists.

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