Worth the Risk 400x600WORTH THE RISK by C.J. Lynne
Series: Infinity Series #1
Genre: Gay/Lesbian, M/M Erotic Romance

Love doesn’t exist…

Or so Tyler Johnson thinks. He’s never had much, if any, of it thrown his way. A chance meeting with the enigmatic Jaxon Markham causes Ty to—if still not believe in love—at least know without a doubt that lust is alive and well. Ty’s not looking for forever, but what’s the harm in spending a few days—and scorching nights—with Jax; as long as Jax plays by his rules and keeps things casual and uncomplicated?

Jax knows his luck has finally changed for the better when he lays eyes on Tyler. The man is gorgeous, and stirs feelings in Jax he’d thought he’d never experience. The more time Jax spends with Ty, the more certain he is that Ty’s his soulmate. Now all that remains is convincing the stubborn Tyler of that fact, but Jax is more than up for the task, because he’s nothing if not persistent—a fact the elusive Tyler will soon find out.

Jax quickly, and much too easily, demolishes all of Ty’s protective walls and Ty reluctantly begins to think that maybe that intangible emotion called love is alive and well after all, and perhaps finally within his grasp. However, when his ugly past returns to haunt him, making him doubt all the good he’s experienced with and because of Jax, Ty’s positive outlook crumbles, giving way to doubt and despair.

Can he be the man Jax needs and deserves? Or will past and present demons destroy Ty’s one chance at true happiness?


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