About the Book

Four years after the most confusing summer of her life, recent college graduate Iris Tilley is moving back home with no idea of the repercussions waiting to greet her. Going home means reconnecting with her dad, facing her motherless home, and confronting her gorgeous neighbor, Weston Alcorn.

And all of this, unfortunately, has to be done in a small southern town where gossip is a prized currency.

As the summer forges on, Iris struggles to find her place in a town that’s changed as much as it’s stayed the same, and it doesn’t help that Weston doesn’t seem to know how to treat her. Through awkward encounters, tense conversations, and heartbreaking revelations, neither Weston nor Iris can ignore the spark they ignited four years prior. But as Iris’s past and the prospect of her future violently clash, it’s no longer a question of can they ignore it, but will they have the chance?

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Welcome to the main page for Back to You blog tour. This page contains detailed information about the tour, including event dates, media kits, giveaways, and tour schedule.