A spunky girl. A sexy sylph. The fate of two worlds rests in their hands.
Looking for love, Moriel Reis finds it—in all the wrong places.
A 19th century "X" Files meets H.G. Wells's "Time Machine" featuring Arthur Conan Doyle and partner
Ryder thought he was going to lose his mind. Instead Francesca helped him find his heart & soul!!
A dead meteorologist leads to stormy weather.
Long ago in a magical realm, ten-real old Hansel and his little sister, Gretel, are abandoned in a vast forest, where they fall into the clutches of an evil witch.
Have you ever wondered why you're so lucky? Then you wake up and it's all gone.
When fate and passion collide, only love will save the Time of the Draig
All's fair in love and war, until someone ends up in an arranged marriage.
He must pursue his enemy; she must protect her people. Can their love survive the duties that drive them apart?
Can love be found off the beaten track?
Why does Lady Godwin find it so hard to obey her highwayman?
He's an immortal warrior, but one lovely mortal will tempt him to defy his fate.